01-15-01-2021-Patience edit

Without hustle, your talent will only get you so far.
~ Gary V

I know some of the people knowing me very close, might doubt the word “patience” from me. I have been in life the least patience person. Anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, zoning out all stages attended in the last few years or so. Better now!

So why i decided to write this as my first blogpost. Because i thought there might help some people who might be struggling. As i have gone through, there have been many whom i spoke have gone through. Some could speak openly and get help. Some couldn’t. So i wanted to share what worked for me. There have been hundreds of things i have read about mental health issues. There could be things that might work for you. 

• Firstly identify & acknowledge that you are in the situation and you need help

• Talk to peers. Anyone who can advice in right frame of mind. 

• Try and turn the situation in your advantage. Change the pattern. 

• Work on yourself, try to learn something new. Change your resume design, put your work out there. Brand yourself.

• Lastly try to remain calm, no amount of moody behavior is going to change the situation. 

So have patience and use the time to your advantage. 

Hope this helps.