Naming / Brand Identity / Packaging / Communication

Brand Identity & Packaging for a new organic and healthy range of foods.

PIKOO Foods Co. launched with one intention, to make sure our planet is as healthy as the people eating our products. All the products are derived by sustainable agricultural methods. The brand language is inspired from the nature itself.


Naming research and product positioning with the client was an enthralling exercise. Numerous sessions and calls brainstroming on where we want to be, where we see this brand. The logo resembles that futuristic approach. A solid typography with approachable trademark quality. 


The brand has catchy pun phrases which is attractive to the current market. The design typography is smooth as the logo.


The idea for the packaging is to have homemade, organic feel. The illustrations, the typography a grid system set for future brands. The vertical brand presence on the packaging is certainly a stand out on the shelf. 

A complete refresh from what is currently available on the market. My intentions were to make something that i can do eye-catching, fresh and away from the factory made packaging out in the market.

Untitled-4 Milk 01A
Untitled-4 Milk 02A
Untitled-5 Seaweed 01A
Untitled-5 Seaweed 02A
Untitled-5 Seaweed 03A
Untitled-4 Milk 01
Untitled-4 Milk 02
Untitled-5 Seaweed 01
Untitled-5 Seaweed 02
Untitled-5 Seaweed 03

A well thought out branding exercise with communication tools. The brand is available in the local UAE market.